STYLED IN A CLICK-60-minute styling consultation via email
$175.00 AUD

One 60 min. virtual STYLING consultation with our Creative Director, all done via email.   

Let me help! Styled in a Click! is a quick styling consultation that's done remotely, via e-mail only (no phone calls or skype), to answer a specific question or address a specific problem you're having with your interior space.

In order for one of our Stylist to provide you with the best possible advice,  send pictures of your area of concern, with some shots from a distance, and others close-up.

Now, while I can't design your entire room in 60 minutes, I'll definitely be able to give you the direction you need, regarding the issue you're having.

Here are some examples of this type of consultations.

  • What to do with this blank wall?

  • How to arrange my current furniture

  • Updating a Kitchen

  • Wall decor

  • Paint colours

We can't wait to see what you've got going on and how we can help you!

 P.S. Book your Styling in a Click consultation fast, because we only schedule 3 sessions per week! 



Have you moved into your house and, although you have furniture, it still looks vacant?

Are your bookshelves lacking interest and your coffee table not looking right?

Maybe you have a few items, but need more to compliment what you already have.

Maybe your rooms don’t reflect your personality, your life, your style. And you really want them to!

Maybe you need someone to come in and change your life! Your home. Your view of your rooms.

This is where we come in!



After an introductory meeting to take pictures, gather information, and survey the rooms that need a little Hampton's touch we'll then start shopping.

You see, I have products. Mobile styling which means I have things like vases to trays to art to the smallest little horn handled magnifying glass that looks amazing on a stack of books

Not only that, I have my trained eye and my knowledge of all things that require styling. I can capture YOUR personality in styling that will tell the story of your life in your home.

You get to keep it all for a few days, then let me us know what you want to keep and what you might not be ready to purchase. 

You pay less than the retail price for these items and a fee for the Styling (Rates are listed below.)

We'll style and fill your home, your room, your office, etc., with beauty and a sense of your personality!



An initial meeting at home 
$200.00 Payable at the visit

Master Bedroom and includes En-suite

Living and Family Room

Bedrooms & other room-types
$200.00 up to a 4 Bedroom Home


Powder Room and Bathrooms
$100.00 for up to 4 Bathrooms or Powder Rooms

Note: Whole houses quoted at discounted rates, please contact us


Display Homes & Airbnb Packages

Let's us help you create a beautifully styled interior for your Display Home or Airbnb.
Generate greater interest and a higher return on your Display Home or Airbnb by creating a gorgeous interior that will be irresistible to your buyers or guests. We can create a tailored package to suit your target market.



A Mood Board can help you to:

♥ Define and refine your vision
♥ Explore different decorating styles and colour palettes
♥ Mix and match products across different retailers
♥ Save a centralised shopping list for future reference