Do you have a product or artistic venture that needs a stylish place to shoot photos or require some additional beautiful pieces to set the right notes and tones for your product? Our store is available on Mondays / Sundays for full day shoots or the late afternoons /  evenings for mood lighting. 


Rates as follows: 


Full Day 9am - 7pm (10 hrs) 

 Monday $850.00 plus GST


Half /Day Rate (5hrs)

9am to 2 pm $425.00 plus GST


Evening $250.00 

4pm - 7pm plus GST



There is local parking, however depending on the times we can supply a few parking spots to help with direct access to the store. We can also arrange catering on the day, please give us 48 hrs notice to make arrangements. Our Studio is located near many restaurants and deli's who can help deliver to the door. Our floor stock is available to be used, however please note any damages or breakages, you will be liable for. We will provide Tea, Coffee and Water and there is a fridge on site for use.

If you have any questions, please give us a call, we can help guide you in the best way to promote your product. For an additional cost we can also help with a stylist but, we will need 2 weeks notice to ensure we have a slot available.



LIABILITY RELEASE AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT On acceptance of booking it is deemed is a legally binding release of liability and assumption of risk agreement (the Release), made by addressee, to the assigned client that this document to addressed to, the photographer and studio owner (the Owner) Photograph live P/L. The Addressee, fully recognise that there are risks to which I may be exposed by being present in the Owners studio and participating in or conducting a event, photography or videography session (the Activity), including but not limited to slipping on the floor, tripping over a cord, hitting an overhead lighting support system, and other similar action. With full understanding of the risks involved and despite this Release, the addressee is voluntarily entering the Owners studio and I am willing to participate in or conduct the Activity. Addresse therefore agree to assume and take upon myself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with this Activity. In consideration of and in return for services, facilities, and other assistance provided to the addressee by the Owner, the , to the maximum extent permitted by law, release, waive, discharge claims, exempt and hold harmless the Owner, his associates, and his family members from any and all liability, claims and actions that may arise from injury, sickness or harm to me from whatever source, from legal entanglements, imprisonment, death or from damage to my property in connection with this Activity, and I will not hold the Owner, his associates, and his family members responsible for the same. the addressee verifies that they will be responsible for any medical or legal costs  incur as a result. The addressee understand that this Release covers liability, claims and actions caused entirely or in part by any acts or failures to act by the Owner, his associates, and his family members, including but not limited to negligence, mistake, or failure to supervise. the addressee recognize that this Release means they am giving up, among other things, rights to sue the Owner, his associates, and his family members for injuries, damages, or losses may incur while participating in or conducting this Activity. The Addressee agrees that this release shall be legally binding upon me personally, all members of my family, my and their heirs, successors, executors, administrators, assigns, beneficiaries, and legal representatives. the addressee further represent have the authority to do so and that my heirs, assigns, and beneficiaries will be estopped from claiming otherwise because of my representations to the Owner, his associates, and his family members. “Owner” OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITY Any performance characteristics or specifications given are provided by the manufacturers of the Equipment and We are under no liability for damages for the Equipment failing to attain those characteristics or specifications. Any written guarantee is subject to the recognized tolerances as applicable to such Equipment and their specifications. are not liable for any damage to the Equipment or Your property caused during the delivery or installation of the Equipment, where such damage is caused at the Site. We will however take all due care when visiting the Site. are not liable to You for any loss, damage, injury or loss of life arising out of, or incidental to, the provision of the Equipment or access to the Studio regardless of whether or not such loss or damage is caused or contributed to by any default, omission or negligent act on Our part, or Our servants or agents. though the unenforceable provision had never been contained herein. are not under any liability to You if We are unable to provide the Equipment or Studio either at all or in part to You by reason of fault, damage, fire, accident, theft, loss, flood, storm, tempest, earthquake, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, riot, Act of God or any Government act or regulation (whether Commonwealth, State, or Local) or any cause beyond Our reasonable control. In no event are is “owner” liable for special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, or losses of any nature (including costs or expenses), lost profits, opportunity costs, or failure to realise anticipated savings. BY BOOKING the addresses agrees to have carefully read and fully understand the contents and legal ramifications of the entire Release; they fully understand it and  agree to be legally bound by it by signing it of my their free act. the addressee agree that if any portion of this release is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect and the remainder of this Release will then be construed as though the unenforceable provision had never been contained herein. BY BOOKING THE ADDRESSEE BY DEFAULT HEREBY AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN WELFARE AND ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS OF DELAY, UNANTICIPATED EVENTS, INCONVENIENCE, ILLNESS, INJURY, EMOTIONAL TRAUMA OR DEATH. BY BOOKING the addressee are responsible for any damage, loss or replacement of equipment during the hire period, FULL PAYMENT OF DAMAGE MUST BE PAID WITHIN 7 DAY ELSE 25% surcharge will be added. If there is any doubt and the Addressee does not agree to these terms and conditions they MUST EMAIL Photograph LIve PL DO NOT AGREE and the booking will be canceled