AMAYA Hand Woven Wool & Viscose Rug

AMAYA Hand Woven Wool & Viscose Rug

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Materials: 60 % Wool 20 % Viscose 20 % Cotton

Colour: BEIGE


A collection of hand woven wool & viscose rug with simplistic patterns. Our Amaya collection lends a neutral foundation to contemporary spaces. The textured wool and viscose blend boasts a dimensional effect and invitingly soft feel.
All our handmade rugs are an original work of art, unique to each artisan. We understand that you, as a lover of handmade rugs, buy from us because you love the creativity and the uniqueness of each handmade product we sell. At the same time we wish to help you understand that, since each product is handmade and so, the details may not be as clean as machine crafted.
You may notice some inconsistencies in design as well. Such tonal irregularities, slight size, color and design variations, and placement of designs are inherent to the process, and enhance the individuality of each item, and give it character. Handmade products have a unique identity that requires being appreciated as part of the style.
Therefore, please do not think of irregularities as defects. There could be a slight variance in product color from the posted photos due to ambient lighting.

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