Is Pinterest and Instagram giving you home envy?  Does it seem like every interior magazine has glossy rooms that we endlessly dream of?  Wish no longer my interior hungry pretties, as here at Hamptons at Home we have compiled some tips to help you on your way to your dream space.  


Now before you start to build your "lookbook" or moodboard via Houzz or Pinterest...a few questions to ponder...Get out your note book and start making some notes: 


1.  What do I want out of this space? For example, Is this a relaxing room?  A living space that has to cater to a few different roles, dining and lounging and or a cinema room? 

2.  Who will be using this space?  For example, Is this for a professional couple?  Are children playing in this space?

3.  Is there specific furniture or appliances that need to be factored in?


Once you have the functional side worked through, you can then start to build on the design.



Making your space more efficient will automatically give you a fresh start on what direction you take.  In the business of our lives, our homes can fast become dumping grounds where all sense of space disappears.  Checking your clutter will help with your home vision.


We are lucky enough to be able to off load unwanted items via many avenues, either online (Gumtree or local Facebook boards) or through charities.  You never know - you might even make a few dollars on your current furniture that will contribute to  your new furniture fund! 


Once you have your space cleared of unwanted furniture, toys, and general bits-and-bobs, you can start to visualise the space and get a better understanding of what you are replacing and the size of the room.


Anchor it

Does your home have a beautiful piece of art, a stunning mirror, or a dining piece a queen would be proud of?  Of course, this can be anything that is beautiful to you. A designer once said that when something is beautiful it's always beautiful.  This piece is called your "anchor" item that you will use to be the starting point of your overall design. 

To give you a better understanding, if you have invested in a piece of art that currently doesn't work in the space its residing in, take the time to look at the colours or textures within the art.  There may be some punchy bright tones or some subtle pastel tones.  Either way, you can start to work with these colours for your design palette.


An anchor piece of furniture can also be used as the focal point that the rest of your pieces compliment . Let's take your living area as an example. You would highlight a designer sofa or statement chairs, by pairing this with a simple side table, new cushions, and - don't forget - your greens! 


HAH Blog Photo_Anchor It + Soft Furnishings.jpg

Soft furnishings

Never underestimate the power of a new rug or soft, plump new cushions for a room.  The same way that you wouldn't wear a tatty pair of shoes with a beautiful new outfit, you wouldn’t surround a stunning new sofa with a tatty rug and deflated cushions.


If this part is slightly out of your depth, drop in and we can help direct you to the perfect rug and cushions to finish off your dream space. On the other hand, if you feel like you’ve got this...keep in mind your anchor item and work with the colours and textures you currently have.  


Keeping it Green

HAH Blog Photo_Keeping it Green.jpg

At Hamptons we love our handmade faux plants, rich in texture and colour. Brilliant for those of us that are still waiting for our green thumb to arrive. 


The amazing thing about adding greenery to a home is that it subtly softens and complements everything in the room,  whether you add a faux palm, fiddle leaf fig or some sultry orchids.  


Lights...and Action

HAH Blog Photo_Lighting + Less is more (2).jpg

Quite often lighting is forgotten. As the unsung hero of design, you need to be sure that your lighting gets the attention it needs, and that it is appropriate for your space.


For example, in a kitchen, you want to make sure the area is well lit especially along work surfaces.  Have some fun with statement lighting over open areas such as breakfast bars or Island work surfaces to really give that "WOW" factor with much needed functionality.


In living rooms, lighting can be functional and give you a statement piece to a classic and understated room. At Hamptons, we have installed a few statement lighting pieces, from stunning Klaylife beaded beauties, to sleek and warm copper ceiling pendants.


Lucky for you, you are literally spoilt for choice! If you haven't spied something to keep your electrician busy, come in and check out the range of lights that we can source for you. 


Less is definitely more

Lastly, let's get to our limits. Do we know when enough is enough? Good design is expressed with simplicity and clarity. Don't try to overdress a space.


The famous saying. “Less is more,” works wonders in any situation. So stylists remember, this is meant to be fun and should definitely have a little bit of you in there! 

As ever… for those of you who have read this and think, Blow it, I'll get a designer in, we're on hand to help and are more than willing to take the reins, to bring your home vision to life. 

That’s a wrap!

Hamptons HQ