Home Sweet Dream Home

As children we are encouraged to dream, and to dream big. However, as time passes, our dreams vanish into the real world and real problems that take the joy and hope of our dreaming away.


It’s time to take a break from those things. Here at Hamptons at Home we love sharing about the practical side of design, but let’s take a pause from that and dream a little!


A dream home should be somewhere you feel secure, relaxed, and shows who you are as an individual.

I want to wake up with the sunrise, swaying in my hammock with a book or cup of tea, overlooking the clear pristine waters of Australia. A house by the beach would be the dream home for me! I daydream about palm trees swaying in the wind, and large outdoor space so I can host a barbie, go to the beach, play volleyball and swim in the ocean.


Like a dear friend coming over for dinner, will you let me tour you through what the home of my dreams would look like? Let’s go!

Walking up the driveway, you will be met by the sound of waves, and a house in neutrals with sandstone facing to provide it with more texture. There will be a simple alfresco set, overlooking a simple yard where I can tend to my favorite flower bushes.

HAH Blog Photo_Living Room.jpg

Upon entering, the foyer will open to a cozy living room with a high-ceiling, and glass doors that lead to a decked patio, overlooking the ocean. Aside from the breathtaking view, a large, comfy sofa with plump pillows will be the highlight, enticing anyone to lounge and watch their favorite film or TV series.

I’ve thought to include a fireplace as well, especially for winter months and for special occasions, so it’s always warm and toasty inside.

The kitchen will be the heart of the home, with a large island counter and room to entertain guests. It will overlook a stunning infinity pool and the ocean at a distance. Imagine how much fun cooking will be with that view! I’d want this to also be accessible from the living area deck for the perfect sunset dinners.

Probably the hardest decision I’d have to make is what style of bathroom to have. I’d love a Hamptons-style bathroom any day, but also dream of a Bali villa inspired ensuite. I love them both, so why not style with both!

HAH Blog Photo_T&B.jpg

My toilet and bath will be surrounded by greenery, and natural element accents for that Balinese-feel. To tie-in with the Hamptons lookI love so much, each fixture should emanate elegance. The perfect mix!

Contrary to my design decisions for the loo, the bedroom is the easiest to dream of... and in! I have three rules for my bedroom: Simple, Soft, and Style.

Simple is your key to success. You won’t be hosting parties in your bedroom, so there’s no need for flashy detail. Soft speaks for itself! I like my bedroom, and my dream home bedroom at that, to give me a reason to hit snooze. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! Finally, I’ll be making the style my own with some of my favorite Hamptons at Home pieces.


Guess you could say I’m a dreamer and this sounds unrealistic, but I’ll never stop dreaming! It’s when I dream that I am able to set new goals and standards for the life I want to live, the person I want to be, and the home I’d like to have.


Let’s make those dreams a reality!


Chloe Valenzuela

Hills Adventist College, Work Experience with the Hamptons Team