Have you, like me, on many occasions flicked through glossy home interior magazines and wondered and marvelled at the beautiful lush plants and flowers that are strategically placed throughout styled rooms and wished you could cultivate (and maintain) their liveliness in your own home? 

 If you are like me, within the week I've either over watered the poor thing or said plant/flower arrangement has escaped my attention and is reduced to a wilted mess....  

Wonder no more as my team and I have found the solution...or more to the point the way to fake it.  Before you scoff and think of tacky 80's arrangement that your Grand Aunt still sits in her avocado coloured bathroom...Times have changed and the faux plants and flowers have dramatically changed to the point that if you were to sit a real plant and a faux plant side by side... the average punter wouldn't be able to pick which was real...

Come in and talk to us about our offering or we can style your home accordingly with a stunning array of plants and flowers to suit your home.  Whether it be a flourishing glossy Fiddle Leaf Fig plant or a classic and chic White Orchids in a designer pot, we can help give your home a beautiful lift that rounds off any decor.  

Cheers to that I say! We can all go skiing this winter and have one less thing to worry about in the house! 

Mrs Hampton (At Home)

Sophie Bell