Putting “Proper” in Property Styling

Can I let you in on a secret? Oftentimes it is the styling of a space that can make or break its value.

If you are looking to make a good sale on that summer house or maybe you just want to upscale the look and feel of your estate, let me help you with a few of my favourite property styling tips!

Property Styling: 2 Mulberry Lane   Kitchen and Dining Area

Property Styling: 2 Mulberry Lane Kitchen and Dining Area


Before the fun part of actually getting to purchase the piece of furniture or accessory you’ve been lusting over for the longest time, you need to know what, and perhaps who you are styling for.

Is it your goal to increase the value of your property? Or are you looking for a fresh new take on a space you’ve been staying in for some time now? Do you want to make it more comfortable? Or are you looking to make your space more efficient to live in?

These are some guide questions that can help you identify what your objective is for styling your space, and will help you lay down some ground rules to make sure your goal is met.

Property Styling: 16 Lancewood Road   Living Area overlooking Verandah (Focal Point)

Property Styling: 16 Lancewood Road Living Area overlooking Verandah (Focal Point)


At Hamptons, we take pride in being able to balance our property styling – curating a space so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, without taking the life out of it.

It’s important to find that balance, because you don’t want your space looking too cluttered, and you also don’t want it to look like a museum that is not lived in. Each area or space in your property, should have one highlight that is complemented by everything else.

For example, in a living area, you would highlight perhaps a designer seating piece. Pair this with a simple side table and gorgeous greens, and you have a beautiful focal point for your space.

2 Mulberry Lane   Bedroom Suite

2 Mulberry Lane Bedroom Suite


It is incredibly fun to style, especially when you start to see everything coming together. However fun, you must know how to say enough is enough. As great designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, “Less is more”. It was his belief that good design is expressed with simplicity and clarity.

I personally love patterns, but would have headaches if I saw them all around me! So, know yourself or your potential buyer. Don’t try to overdress a space. It is easier to imagine possibilities with less, than to imagine with a surplus of items cluttered before your eyes.

I hope these simple tips are able to shed more light on the “dos” and “don’ts” of property styling. As always, our style team is here to help you. We’d love to lend a hand! Chat with our stylist today or consult our design team.


Mrs. Hamptons