Keep Calm and Declutter

To declutter or not to declutter,  should have been what Shakespeare wrote about...


Jesting aside, it seems the topic of decluttering is a growing phenomenon that everyone has an opinion on, especially on how to tackle said task.

This topic is close to home and our hearts here at Hamptons At Home. Without getting to the roots of what you have to work with, it’s hard to properly see the space that requires which design and what possible furniture might be needed, and might fit.  


With our lives becoming increasingly busy, not everything in our homes makes its way back to where they should be, nor do we have the time to assess "do I really need this?"

After many house styling (and culling efforts) for our wonderful clients, we have compiled our top tips for a DIY decluttering session:

  • Start small and know your limits:  Whilst the task of decluttering can be daunting and downright time consuming, start with an area of your home you can tackle without getting derailed by it all.  For example, If you only have an afternoon, start with the linen cupboard. Go through things that might need a heave out or that you can recycle or donate to your local charity.

  • On the topic of small; you can pick items such as DVD's, CD's or T'shirts and go through these.  The satisfaction of completing the task is addictive.

  • Its hugely tempting to purchase a whole lot of baskets and crates before you set off on your decluttering crusade--believe us when we say it’s easier to collate and house once you know what you have downsized.

  • Don't forget your local charity stores or family centers to donate furniture, toys, and clothes to.  Always check their websites before you deliver items.

  • When it comes to sorting your children's toys and baby items--especially when they have outgrown them, many of these can fetch a nice price (given that they are in great condition) on local buy/swap/sell sites, or even gumtree.  

  • If it’s your closet that you are keen to tackle first, get a trusted friend around and have them help be ruthless with the cull.  The rule is if you've not worn it in over a year or no longer fits, find a new home for it.

  • Bathrooms can be a good afternoon decluttering project. Start with your cabinets, discard all items out of date--this goes for medicines, make-up, and sunscreens (yes these do expire), towels with holes, bath mats that are tatty, and almost empty bottles of stuff that just need to be tossed out.  

  • Laundries is one of those rooms that seems to be a dumping ground for all items no one knows what to do with.  Check out Pinterest and Instagram for some amazing storage ideas. Sometimes adding shelving or finding designated spots for items such as the  ironing board and the iron gives you more space within the room.


Remember that once done, the fab feeling of achievement is addictive; and if you only get halfway through, schedule a time to finish it off.  

For all items that you have earmarked for donating or recycling, don't leave piles lying about near the front door; schedule a time the next day to get them delivered.  

Donate to (just please make sure they are clean):

  • Vinnies

  • Red Cross

  • Salvation Army

  • Womens Shelters

  • Homeless shelters  


  • Electronics - check on your local council website as to where this can be done in your local area

  • Paints and Glues - Many councils have a yearly collection point for these unwanted items

  • Council collection - Check what you can have collected that is no longer useful to donate

Sell for Cash

  • Gumtree still remains king here. Do some research into what the item you are looking to sell is going for before you upload your item.

  • Hold a garage sale day. These are brilliant especially if you have many items to shift.

  • Local buy/swap/sell sites in your local area.

If it all gets too daunting, or if you need some clever ideas to maximise space or what furniture might be best retired, we are here to help.  

And if you are already bagging up your unwanted and need some new storage ideas, check out


Mrs. Hamptons